Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Cody, we got to play with our nephews Breckin (in swing) and Toby (not in the picture), as well as one of Breckin's cousins, Drew. We also got to meet little 3-week old Brighton! There were a lot of little ones all over the place! All the 1-year old cousins were really jealous of Brighton's swing and needed a turn.
Breckin started to scrape a large Lego block across the marble table, making a shrill, fingernails across the chalkboard type noise, which quickly attracted a crowd of block-banging kids. The fun lasted quite!
Wearing Dad's A's Hat
The must-have item of the week! I rarely wear hats, so when I do, my kids want it off my head and on theirs. Even though we live in Reds country, I want my little ones to be A's fans as well. They're off to a good start!

Claire's Cow
On one of the first days in Cody, Claire spotted the plush cow I gave to John for a Johnny Lingo-type payment for Dani and it was instant love! She really hadn't been interested in stuffed animals before, but this cow became an instant love. She carried it around wherever she went.


cmil said...

He you did get some pics in Cody. The kids look so grown up in these pics. Ilove the picture of all the kids banging on the marble table.

I'm babysitting Brighton while Bri, Heath and Breckin are at the fair.