Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Has it really been a month since our last post?

Our last month included two weeks in Wyoming visiting family! The first week was in Jackson for the Jensen Family Reunion. On the 4th, we went on a hike around Jenny Lake and up to Hidden Falls. The hike was so much easier than our last hike in Red River Gorge because we rented backpacks instead of wearing Jacob and Claire on our fronts!
Jacob was very excited to go hiking!
But it was hard work for both our kids to hike!
Claire fell asleep twice!
The hike was beautiful, and the waterfall was well worth the hike!


cmil said...

I love the pics of our beautiful WY. The kiddos look adorable and i admire you for packing them up the trail. I have been to that waterfall a few times.

Too bad your camera was awol for most of your Cody stay. You will have to get Kaci to send you some pics.