Thursday, September 06, 2007

Classic snapshots!

Claire and Jacob play together well. They also have a way of bugging one another. You might be able to guess which was happening in the picture below. Dani heard Claire's howls and, instead of running to the rescue, she ran to the camera and captured the moment.
Jacob is quite the reader now. He loves pointing at the animals, cars, balls, and babies. If we're sitting on the floor, Jacob will find a book, throw it at us, and will plop himself down on our lap. And as soon as he's done with one book, he'll reach for another.
Eating has become an adventure - a messy one! And I'm not sure it's getting much better
Claire loves her bear! When we give it to her at night, she gives it a kiss. It is really cute!
Claire loves playing with straps. A few weeks ago, we were watching our friends' 4 year old and 18-month old boys, and the house basically turned into a racetrack for everyone but Claire. Claire sat in her chair and played with the straps in the booster for a long time!


cmil said...

Adorable pictures! I love the ones of Claire and the one of Jacob on Jared's lap. And yes I think she looks just like her Nanna in these pictures too.

sassparilla said...

cutest ever. why do you let your little girl run around topless? take it from me, as a high school teacher, you want to get these girls dressed starting young! :)

Jarom said...

can you tell the story real fast about how Claire said Uncle Sid's name? I called you last night @ 9:30, but then i hung up b/c kids have to sleep.

Rebecca said...

Sydney loves straps too!

The Macdonald family said...

Us poor second children. Not as much attention, never living up to the first, having our parents cut us out of the family photo on their blogspot. You guys are just asking for a therapy bill. :)
Sorry we haven't called you guys back. We got your message when Jeremy's family was in town and totally forgot about it til late last night. We'll give you a call soon though! We miss you guys.

Alisha Harris said...

Cute pictures!

Elisa said...

Wow, I know Claire and Jacob are older than Kayla but I can't believe how much they've grown. Adorable pictures!
- Elisa and Doug