Sunday, September 02, 2007

A good question

Yesterday at Babies 'R' Us, a mother of twin 5-month olds asked, "Does it get any easier as they get older?" It is a question that we are asked often.

Meal-times are less frequent, fortunately. They are typically very messy now and very loud as Jacob, with mouth full, yells for more food. They take turns being picky eaters. They can often eat what we are eating, which makes meals easier to prepare, plus we no longer have to worry about milk allergies!

They can entertain themselves for longer stretches now, although with mobility comes the capability to take toys and hit. The tantrums are full-body tantrums and can be heard from the mailbox, but are getting to be more predictable, so we can try to head them off. It works occasionally, but there are many that are unavoidable!

For us, sleeping was the big problem until they were 8-9 months old. Now, we put them to bed at 8:00, they talk to each other, laugh, squeal, bang on walls, jump in their cribs, and play with their bears until 9-9:30, which is great because it means that they sleep until 8. They are also very good nappers, and need the 2 naps they get.

I think that overall, it may a little easier raising twin toddlers than twin infants (at least right now!), but it is definitely more fun and entertaining, and I feel like it is more rewarding as they are learning to communicate. Jacob and Claire have very different personalities, and it's been fun to see them develop. We certainly have a good time at the Jensen household!