Monday, January 21, 2008


When we were in Wyoming for Christmas we took Jacob and Claire up in the mountains for a sledding trip.  Claire really really loved it (she thinks snow is about the best thing ever).  We think Jacob liked it, but it was so hard to tell because he wouldn't crack a smile which is not like him at all.  Maybe he was having fun outside of the cold factor (he doesn't think cold is much fun).
If you could zoom in on this picture, you would see a huge grin on Claire's face.
See what I mean about Claire loving it and Jacob not smiling!?!?
The end of a sledding run with mommy!
Even Grandma got in on the fun.

Claire loved being pulled around on the toboggan, and we think Jacob did because he kept on sitting back down on it and asking us to go.  He never did smile though!
This quite possibly was one of the best days yet for Claire.


CMIL said...

Cute pictures of both, even though Jacob isn't smiling--especially cute of Claire. I remember we almost didn't go because they weren't feeling that good, but Claire rose to the occasion. I hope she gets many more snow opportunities and I sure Jacob will warm to it.

cmil said...

I did zoom in and see the big smile!

Josie said...

So cute! Funny to see their different personalities showing through the pictures.

bloomswheresplanted said...

It's too bad you couldn't get Jacob to smile. Claire looks like she had the perfect day though! Great pictures :)