Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Things I Love

I have some random pictures that I needed to post and I had to figure out how to tie them together, then I realized how...they all represent something I love.

I Love this man!  I also love the fact that these two kids really love him.  Look at how happy they are when daddy is home.  They are also happy to have a human horsey ride.
I love the stylish apron that my sister-in-law Camie gave me for Christmas!  She picked out the fabrics and had it made.  I have used it several times, but it seemed most appropriate to wear it with a dress.  
I love my kids...but also I LOVE NURSERY!   I have finally started taking my scriptures back to church with me because I actually have occassion that I can use them.  Jacob and Claire also LOVE nursery, here they are after church with the 'Child of God' crowns that they got in nursery.

I also really love my new computer.  I got an iMac and I would definately do it again.  It takes up so little space, and even though I am still getting used to the whole new operating system, I find the programs very easy to use, I especially love iPhoto.  Since I am not a scrapbooker iPhoto is my kids' only chance of having baby books.


Disclaimer: this post does not represent all things  I love,  just a sampling!


The Macdonald family said...

Um that apron is super cute, and I love Claire's dress! Does this mean you have internet at home now?

little miss shortcake said...

cute apron! i can't WAIT for nursery! we got a mac last summer and have loved it ever since!

Sarah said...

I totally think you should wear that apron to church!! I promise I won't make a single comment!! Abigail wore her CTR crown around for a couple of days. She even went to bed with it the first night. Got to love Nursery!

cmil said...

Claire's hair is gtowing and looks cute. They are both outgrowing the toddler look. Time passes so quickly!

Cute apron and cute girl wearing it. Gotta love the dads who give horsey rides--=great picture!

Bekah said...

Cute pictures -- I love your apron! Ditto to what you said about nursery! When Chase was born last week, I realized that my "bringing scriptures to church" days are over for the next 18 months! Oh well. Glad you guys are doing well!

sassparilla said...

such cute pictures! i have to admit, i'm kind of scared to wear my apron when i'm actually cooking. i have also been encouraged to wear it "out" with an "outfit." hmm... a new trend?