Sunday, July 06, 2008


We've always felt like Jacob has the energy of 2 kids - over the past week or two, we've wondered if he actually is 2 kids!  A few examples of some common sayings:

"I did it Bubba!"
"I got it Bubba!"
"Here comes Bubbas!"
"Where Bubba go?"

The most common saying from the past week in Hilton Head (more on that to come later...) was "Hi Lydia!"  At one point, Lydia resorted to hiding from him so she didn't have to say hi back!  He always has a lot to say!


Steffani said...

That is SO cute! It was so good to see you guys and fun to meet your kiddos! Thanks again! Hope you had a blast at Hilton Head.

3T's said...

Thats adorable!! How did they like Hilton Head? When do you guys get back?

Mallory said...

haha, love that picture! he is quite the ham!