Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Very Beginning of Our Last Vacation

So, from our last trip we have about a million pictures and we did about a million things, so I am going to do this in spurts.  This first spurt is our pre-family reunion reunion with some of our greatest friends.  We were able to visit with our great downstairs neighbors from Provo the Kiltons and with my best friend growing up and her family the Rasmussens.  We had about one full day before the family reunion started in Idaho to see people.  

We went to a place in Idaho Falls called Blastoff with the Kiltons, the kids had a GREAT time and we really enjoyed the time to visit with Dave and Christina and see how much their girls had grown.  Claire really fits in with their little red-headed family.  Blast off has lots of ball pits and slides and things to climb and play on.
After Blastoff we went out for ice cream, it was fun to watch the kids interacting (and Dave interacting with the kids).
Danica and Claire, don't they look like they belong in the same family!?!?

Dave playing with all of the kids....they really love him!
Earlier in the day we got to visit my friend Ashley and her husband James and their girls.  We went to a park and got some lunch with them, unfortunately Jacob was having a hard day.  Here is a great picture of Daviny and Claire holding hands.
Our best attempt at getting a picture of Ashley and I with all of our kids.
Daviny was really into giving Jacob kisses.  He wasn't really complaining either.
The picture we took when we finally gave up and just let the toddlers go.  It was so great to see her little girls and have a chance to see each other for awhile.
Pictures from the rest of the trip to come.


Julie said...

Dani, is that a purse I see on the table in front of you? A real purse? hehe I like it!

Anonymous said...

yes, Dani has a purse... a PURSE! (not a green bag, as she wants to call it). and a minivan. HA!

Angela said...

I've started calling mine "the suitcase". Looks like a fun time!!

Cari said...

You guys are quite the party animals this summer!!! Looks like tons of fun

Nicole said...

Your kids are so freakin cute!! And we are totally obsessed with the olymipcs and I'm afraid it is taking the place of more important things! It was really fun to have dinner the other night! I'm glad that we have family close by!

HeatherC said...

Hey, we drove through Cinci on our way to and from Texas for my bro's wedding. I thought of you guys! There are some cool buildings downtown.