Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Walters' Reunion Fun

So, I seem to be getting worse instead of better at posting, so I decided to deny myself a shower today until I posted a few of the pictures from the reunion in July (now that it is September).  We had a GREAT time at Island Park in Idaho staying on a ranch in a bunch of cabins.  There were tons of family member there and SOOOO much to do from four-wheeling to horseback riding to fishing and canoeing to my personal favorite boating (waterskiing).  There were also jet skis and a family fun run along with many games to be played and crafts to be made.  The weather was so beautiful the whole time.

We did a lot of this.....  
(I really look forward to a day when we can get a boat, waterskiing is my all time FAVORITE activity)
Here are 5 of the 6 two year olds on the day of the family fun run in the WFF (Walters Family Fitness) T-shirts with their door prizes on their heads.
This is Claire on the bus (yes, the family chartered a bus) through Yellowstone.  We went to Old Faithful and then had a big picnic at a picnic area.  My kids LOVED riding the bus.
This is a day floating on the Snake River by the little family cabin by Macks Inn.  The water was SO cold, so floating was only fun if you were light enough to keep your butt afloat.
I went on one of the horseback rides and then Jared brought Jacob down later to ride a horse, he loved it.  
This is a very very small sampling from the reunion pictures.  Maybe I will post more later, but I still have pictures from Cody and the things we have been doing since we came home to post, so...stay tuned, I will try to do better.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like soooo much fun. I hope we can do much the same at Flathead Lake next July. Some cute pics. You may have to be in charge of a craft--lucky you!


Nicole said...

Love the pictures from the reunion!!