Sunday, October 05, 2008

Viva Mexico

Ok, again, I know I am so behind, but we have SOOOO many pictures and it makes blogging a daunting task.  I decided to at least do a first post of our lovely kid free trip to Mexico...which, by the way, I highly recommend.

So here are some of the highlights or our first day and a half at the resort.  We ate dinner at the resort steakhouse the first night (by the way, all-inclusive is so much fun).  This is while we were waiting for our dinner call, this is half of one of the pools behind us and just a tiny portion of the resort.
Here is our lovely friend Mel modeling for the other half of this particular pool.  I should note that Mel is 5 months pregnant.
Here is the view that Mel and I had from our dinner at the steak house.  Aren't they handsome?  The beach is pretty nice too!
We had to capture Jim in his heroics.  He was so proud of himself for saving this little fiddler crab from sure death in the swimming pool.  I am not kidding about how proud he was of proud!
This is our lovely room.  It really was pretty dang nice!  It was really big and clean!  We loved it (the bed was extra firm).  Just the way I like it.
This was our excitement the night we got there...kid free vacation!
Enjoying the beach on our first night.
At our resort we tried to take advantage of as many things as possible.  We went sailing... (that picture I took when just Jim and Mel were out on the sailboat, but we went out on it with them a little bit later...Jim stepped on a sea urchin  (woops). 
We also did some sea kayaking on the beautiful clear water and also on a day with more waves.  We went snorkeling on the resort (and off, more to come on that in future posts).

We also did our share of relaxing on the beach.  We ate ALOT, there was so much food to be had, and we had lots and lots of non-alcoholic fruity specialty drinks.  The bartenders were so funny whenever we told them No alcohol.  
Other things we enjoyed on our first two days were beach volleyball and beach soccer, reading, napping, and the show put on by the sports and entertainment team.  So much more about our trip to come...


Anonymous said...

I want to go! Now I just need to convince your dad and find some friends to go. I think Jane and Brian are interested. It looks like a fabulous time.


Julie said...

Maybe if you guys would stop traveling the globe, you could get caught up on your pictures! I have to admit that several tears were shed when seeing your mexico pictures :(
I'm glad you enjoyed our trip without us. I thought about you guys all week. Glad you had fun!

Matt, Rachel, and Madden said...

It looks so relaxing and warm! I so jealous. I'm trying to convince Matt that we need to take a trip next year.

Karena said...


Mel said...

I'm ready to go back whenever you guys are! That was so much fun.

Jim and Mel said...

Good thing we censored the beach photos, right?