Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Kid Beds update

Jacob and Claire have been sleeping in their big-kid beds for a month or so now, so we figured it's time for an update.  First, here's a picture that we think is hilarious that didn't make it into the first post - this is Claire showing us how she was going to sleep on her big-kid bed.  Look at that face!

Here's Jacob in his big-kid bed.  He still loves to sleep sideways in his bed.  He's fallen out of bed twice, though it's been a few weeks since the last time he's fallen.  Since the wall his bed is next to is our bedroom's wall, we often hear his feet, hands, and head hitting the wall as he rolls over in his sleep.  Normally, he'll hit the wall pretty consistently for 2-3 minutes, then it'll all stop.

Claire is our adventurous sleeper - she's fallen out at least 4 times.   At least twice, she didn't wake up from the crash.  She often is sleeping this way when we check on her, and even after moving her close to the wall, she falls out.  She also often sleeps on top of her covers with her head at the foot of the bed.  We couldn't figure out why, until we discovered that the top-bunk warning sticker that says 'do not remove this sticker!' was being slowly removed by little fingers.

We recently experimented with putting some books on the bookshelf in their room for the first time.  One night a week and half later, I went in to check on the kids after I heard a little crash upstairs around 10:00, thinking it was a child.  It turned out it was a book Claire was reading, and Jacob was caught red-handed sitting on top of his bed with a book!  I took their books and put them away, and Jacob immediately ducked under his covers, pulling them all the way over his eyes.  He knew he was in trouble, I didn't really even need to say anything.  Claire, on the other hand, was not happy I had put her books away.

Last night, we returned from a Nacho Libre party at our friends' house.  Our babysitter told us she'd had to negotiate with our kids to keep them in bed, as they thought of any way possible to stay out of bed.  When we got upstairs to check on kiddos, Claire's bed was empty!  She had gotten out and gone to 'Jacob's napping bed,' or the pack-and-play in the guest room.  Overnight, she discovered she'd been moved and got out, crying, until she was helped back into the pack-and-play.

Last story - Claire sometimes gets out of her bed at night and comes into our room.  One night, after she'd fought sleep from 2-4 am, she ended up in our room again, on Dani's side of the bed.  We just ignored her and, eventually, she fell asleep on the floor, and Dani put her back in her bed.


christy said...

It's so funny to see how kids decide to sleep. Glad they seem to be doing good! I love the head half off the bed...I'm sure that's really comfortable:)

Reese said...

Your kids make me laugh.....I love that they have such distinct personalities at such a young age! It makes me miss nursery just a little bit (okay, not really) but they are dang cute. Loved your imaginary cookie story, I wondered where they could have possibly gotten such vivid imaginations....that is until I read your instant solution. Very impressive.

Sarah said...

Why can't your kids look at books in their bed?? Come on-let your kids read!!!!!