Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just hop on in, little buddy

Funny story from last night.  At either 3:00 or 4:00 (my mind was in a fog, so I don't remember when), I woke up and thought something was weird because I was sleeping on the edge of the bed... and I was awake.  I started scooting over, and realized a little person was right next to me - it was Jacob, and he was fast asleep, on top of our comforter, right next to my pillow!  He'd climbed up onto our bed (and maybe right over me!), and fell asleep between us.  

So, I picked him up and put him back into his bed (having to 'cuddle' and turn on the fan because he woke up just enough that he could request those necessities).

Around 5:30, I heard Dani telling Jacob to go back to his bed - he was apparently back on his way up into our bed!  The funny thing is that we've never even let him or Claire sleep in our bed, even when they were really little!  How does he think of these things?


The Thalman's said...

Awe! He just wants to be close to mommy and daddy. So cute!

Sarah said...

Yeah, that is kind of "out of the ordinary, since he has never done that before. I am guessing he was "sleep walking." Way to go at putting him right back to his bed! Mom and Dads bed is not a "family bed."

kaci plus said...

hmmm, that's funny because we put Toby in a bed 2 nights ago and this morning I went to get closer to Trav and noticed there was a little body next to me also! We've never had him sleep with us either! He was in the covers though so I guess that shows you how tired I really was!