Monday, January 05, 2009

Vivid Dreams

The other night, Jacob woke up screaming, and Dani went in to calm him.  Here's how the 'conversation' went:

Dani: Jacob, what's wrong?
Jacob: (screaming loudly) Cware (i.e. Claire), Cware, Cware BITE it!!!
Dani: Claire bit it?
Jacob: (still loudly) Yeah, Cware BITE it!!!
Dani: Jacob, what did Claire bite?
Jacob: (still loudly) Cware, Cware bite my BALL!!!
Dani: Claire bit your ball
Jacob: (loudly, but quite sadly): Yeah, Cware bite my ball!!!
Dani: Well, I'm sure she's sorry
Jacob: (still sadly): Go get it mama.
Dani: Jacob, balls are for wake up time

That's just one of the recent vivid dreams our children have had recently.  The night after Jacob had thrown up, after he'd gone the entire day without eating and only drinking a little bit, Jacob woke up pointing to the wall and saying, "My food over there!!!"  When I repeated him, he laid his head back down, smiled, and started moving his mouth like he was chewing, looking quite happy.

Claire often wakes up demanding either cake or books, though it's been at least two weeks since one of those episodes.  Jacob woke up last night demanding we take him to Nana's house.  He often wakes up demanding cookies.  He's also woken up yelling, "No Cware" a few times before.

If dreams give a glimpse of what's on Jacob and Claire's minds, it appears it is food, going to Nana's house, and defending their territory!


Sarah said...

Reading this post confirms to me that Abibail is a normal child. She too has awoken at night demanding thinks, saying "no." or requesting she needs her slipper but back on her foot.

Sarah said...

I meant Abigail, not Abibail.

Streeters said...

Brecin does stuff like that quite often. Sometimes I can't tell if he is awake or talking in his sleep. There have been a time or two when I wondered if he was walking in his sleep.

Anne said...

Sounds about right for a couple of two year olds. I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Sounds like you had a good holiday and Happy Birthday Dani!