Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Aunt Kaci (aka Peepee) and Toby come to visit

Ok, I am behind again...surprise surprise.  Anyhow, I FINALLY convinced my sister to come visit and in March she and her youngest, Toby, came to visit.  Toby and Claire and Jacob had so much fun together.  While she was here we went to Ikea, we ate Mexican food, we went to Louisville for our friends' sealing and went to the children's museum there, we went to the outlet malls, to the zoo, and to the Gap clearance center.  We had a lot of fun in a few short days.  Here are some pictures (Kaci got more and better pictures).
This is the view Jared had from the driver's seat on the way home from Louisville.  I was asleep in the passengers seat.
Claire and Jacob playing in the water.  Toby had so much fun at this area and actually dumped a huge pitcher of water down the side of some unsuspecting little girl (on accident).
In the rocket ready for take off!
The kiddos checking out the giant disk of tiny mirrors on the way in.
Jacob and Toby taking care of each other on the way to Mexican food.


Streeters said...

I Just have one question. Where was Kaci's Booster?