Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Birthday!

So, I am going to finally post some pictures from the third birthday party that happened on April 18th.  Jacob and Claire were SO excited for their birthday party and their birthday cake and their birthday presents.  They had a lot of fun with their friends and with their cake and all of their presents.  Jacob was so cute to enthusiastically say "THANK YOU" to anyone who told him Happy Birthday and Claire was very sure to make sure people were aware that it was her birthday and Jacob's birthday too!  Here are a few highlights:
Jacob with his new cowboy hat.
Claire checking out a new present.
Jacob modeling the Superman cape that Aunt Camie made (Claire got a supergirl one too, but if you want to see them both go to Camie's blog...her kids will stand still for a picture).
Jacob is still telling people that he got a lawnmower...he LOVES his lawnmower.
I loved these when I was young, so I had to get one for Claire, but she is still a little small for it, so Sarah had to help her out.
Her new trike and helmet!
His new trike and helmet.
The birthday cake...let it be known that frosting cakes may be the thing that I despise the very most!  I made one big cake with a boy side and a girl side.  The party was a colors and letters party so we had colored baloons pink and blue cake with giant colored sprinkles....
And rainbow colored cake...
Colored Jell-O jigglers letters and lots of colored wrapping papers and napkins.  


Streeters said...

HELMETS?!?!?!?!? COME ON!!! Poor Kids are gonna get made fun of. Who puts a helmet on a kid on a TRIcycle?

Jared and Dani said...

someone who knows that their kids would be more excited about the helmet than the trike. They are helmet obsessed and I do not make them wear it, it is a toy!

Mel said...

What an awesome idea for a kids birthday! Great cake!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your homemaking skills--great cake and alphabet jigglers! I apprecaite the pics. They are cute kids and seemed to be having a grand time.


Anonymous said...

For your information Dani, they do make smaller balls to ride on.