Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is my sweetheart's birthday!  He is 28.  I love him!  In honor of his birthday I decided to mix some of my favorite pictures of him with 28 of my favorite things about him, so... in no particular order, here it goes:

1) He is a really good Daddy.
2) He is passionate about sports... I love his enthusiasm about them.
3)He can talk to anybody about anything... he makes friends with perfect strangers in minutes.
4) Kids love him... he is a favorite among many of our friends' kids, they flock to him.
5) He is smart... REALLY smart.
6) He isn't afraid to be silly.
7) He makes me laugh.
8) He's Hot!
9) He laughs as hard as his kids when they play together. (they laugh really hard)
10) He works hard to provide for me and kiddos.
11) He loves to mountain bike (he taught me to love it).
12) He loves to ski (we love to do this together).
13) He loves to dress up for crazy parties... he loves parties in general!
14) His eyes are beautiful blue.
15) He loves his family.
16) He is so patient with his kids.
17) He calms me and reminds me not to be to serious.
18) He can remember just about any number. (I always tell him if we had conversations in #'s he would remember them).
19) His face lights up when he throws a baseball, football, or frisbee... really, lights up!
20) He cares about other people.
21) Stories about children that are sick, orphaned, in poverty, etc... really effect him and fire him up to want to do something.
22) He loves to teach me things... like accounting laws, economic ideas, baseball plays, etc...
23) He encourages me to do things for myself.
24) He has a very competitive spirit and loves to play games.
25) He is a really good friend.
26) He tells me thank you for every meal and quite often does the dishes.
27) He always remembers to say "I love you".
28) He makes me want to do better and be better... he lives by example.
Happy Birthday Tub!  I love you!


Camie said...

Great list and great pictures!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!

Sarah said...

I totaly agree with him making friends with ANYONE-even strangers! He is very easy to talk to-and loves to talk!! He is quite the Man! Happy Birthday!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Jared!

Nicole said...

Wow that is a sweet list Dani! We are trying to come see you but you too are too popular! I think we are down to Memorial or when Bridget comes. I saw the cutest pictures of your kids at Amber's apartment. I miss then and you guys and hopefully we can come visit you soon! And happy birthday to everyone!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!!! Since we aren't there to make you a big birthday cake we'd like to add a comment about something we love about Jared is his willingness to sacrifice for others including friends and their sick kid at 2:00 in the morning. Thanks for being such a great friend. Love the Kiltons

Jim said...

I talked to you for two hours today and not one time did I ask how your birthday went. Some friend. Hope you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree he is a pretty good guy! His only problem is he delights a little too much in giving his mother-in-law a bad time. Happy birthday!