Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something About the Kids

Yesterday Jared pointed out to me that there has not been a post about our kids in awhile...I told him it was because our camera isn't working.  I am going to buy a new camera today, but in the mean time I am posting some pictures from April and some of what Jacob and Claire are up to lately.  

As I type this they are in there room dressing up... Nana gave them great dress ups for their birthday and now they love to dress up... Claire thinks princess dresses are the greatest and Jacob actually really likes to put on his knight and police costumes, he just doesn't like keeping them on for very long.  They have been so good at playing nicely together lately... they still have their fights, but they can really imagine up a great game of make believe that they both enjoy so much together.  A couple of days ago I went down to the basement to find them sitting in two small chairs that they had set up directly in front of a big cardboard box (we have a lot of those in our house right now) talking non-stop to each other about how they were watching TV and a movie.  Also last week they found a box full of packing peanuts and have been having a great time making huge messes playing 'popcorn'; the first day I found at least 12 containers (buckets, cups, tupperware, etc...) full of packing peanuts shoved in various places in the fridge because Jacob was 'freezing popcorn.'  
They say some pretty funny things, here are some of my favorites: tonight, tomorrow, tomorning....lasterday and sometimes it is even to-lasterday, for example..."oh mama, I said the prayer to-lasterday?"  
They also think (especially Claire) that the cream that we put on to protect our skin from the sun is 'sun scream'.  They both think that their tub toys and a hose 'squirk'.  For example "hehehe Jacob squirk me" (with the squirting tub toys).
I have to write this down because I know that someday I will find it funny... the thing that causes the most conflict between them right now is who gets the yogurt cup in the morning.  They split a yogurt every morning and one person gets it in a bowl and one person gets it in the cup that the yogurt comes in... you would not believe how important it is that I remember whose turn it is every day.  Somedays even if I do remember, my children do not and there is a MASSIVE meltdown about the yogurt cup... it is a VERY big issue and they yell at each other and me a lot about it.  Like I said... someday I may think it is funny.  Today was a good day though, we all agreed about whose turn it was to have the yogurt cup.
They are really learning and remembering a lot about the Book of Mormon stories that they read every night.  Their favorites are Ammon watching the sheep and cutting off the arms and Samuel the Lamanite standing on the wall and the people who are 'not very nice' shooting arrows at them.  Jacob has really gotten to the point that he will get excited looking at the pictures and exclaim "they gonna fight!?!?!"  He is such a boy.


Vicki said...

sorry about your camera. I'm glad you got these cute pictures.

Liz said...

hey guys! camie told me you guys are headed out here to oregon. be sure to let us know when you've arrived so we can help move you in, show you around, etc. also, there's a good chance you are living in my in-law's ward. anyway, happy moving. we're glad you'll be in our neck of the woods. and, if you need a dentist when you get to the area, i know of a good one!

liz (matt's sister)


Nicole said...

Dress up! Oh the black mail pictures that my mom has of me playing dress up! Priceless and what a great gift Nan! We are going to miss you guys. Hope you are doing good!