Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

1- Jared started his new job! This is him leaving for his first day of work from our friends' house since we weren't in ours yet. He is really seeming to love working for a small company.
2- We have been enjoying the awesome parks in our new city. The city we live in has two awesome parks with great water features. (The water features have been off for awhile now, but this was in August... I am really behind on my blogging.)
3- We have been loving trips to the coast with Mel, Bridger and Kacy!
4- We had a fun time at the state fair with lots of friends from work. (A post to come on this later...also, I LOVE this picture, I think it is hilarious and adorable).
5- Jared and Mike enjoyed and incredible BYU game in an incredible stadium (I will have him write his own post dedicated to this).
6- A family trip to the coast which involved GREAT fresh seafood, sand, flying our new frog kite, and lots of fun in the sand and water. Claire had a scare when a wave knocked her over and started pulling her out to sea, luckily Jared was standing next to her and grabbed her by the foot - scary!
Jacob was braving the cold water with his Dad.
Well, not really braving, as much as running from.

7- Loving our new house and enjoying lots of family dinners. This night Jacob announced at dinner that he wanted a family picture, so we set up the camera and made the little guy happy. (Disclaimer: please disregard the clutter on my counter, I am a busy lady). Also, I promise that I will post more house pictures, I just need to do a bit more 'finishing' work.
8- Family hikes in Forest Park... it is this great Urban Park that is pretty much a giant forest in the middle of the city. It is beautiful, and we are pretty sure that Claire could stay there all day hiking... she was totally in her element.

9- Another coast trip with Mel, Bridger, and Kacy which I forgot my camera for. That trip turned into an all day trip when our husbands surprised us by skipping out on work early and coming to meet us... lots of sand play, football, frisbee, kite flying, relaxing, and running from waves. We ended the day by eating pizza and watching the sunset.

10- Making new friends, playing games, etc...


Jim S. said...

We've had fun having fun with you!

Unknown said...

What a great post. I love all the pictures and can't wait to see some of those places myself.

Julie said...

Um, first off...we want to move to Portland now. would you like some visitors in a few weeks???
We'll call you tonight!

Gini said...

looks like a great time! Beautiful country out there, eh? We miss you guys!

Lydia said...

Oh, we miss you guys! And we never got you on the boat this year! It looks like you're having a ton of fun, though!