Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Visits

After Sid, Katie, Matty, and Goober left Papa Streeter came (Mama Streeter was already here). We stayed busy for their entire visit. We went straight from the airport to Red River Gorge.
There are lots of waterfalls in the gorge.
Dad came to Oregon and became a tree hugger.
Lots of waterfalls. Lots and lots.
We also took a trip to the Tillamook cheese factory (YUM). It is the Streeter family favorite cheese, so it was a must do.
We went from Tillamook to a little town on the coast called Oceanside. We had delicious seafood and even more delicious dessert at a little cafe called Roseanne's (I think). Then we spent a little time on the beach.
My kids like to be with their dad. The Oregon coast is beautiful.
Claire is still very afraid of the ocean after her little incident, so Grandpa kept her safe at a distance from the water she was ok with.
Near Oceanside is a little State Park. It has a cute little lighthouse.
There is also an impressive Octopus tree.
It is really big.
We ate lots of good food while Ma and Pa were here. Dad saw a couple places on the food network that he wanted to try, so we drove across Portland to try Otto's sausage kitchen.
We also went to the Pearl District to get gelato at my favorite gelato place, Mio's Gelato.
Forest Park is a huge Urban Park/Forest in the middle of the city. We had a nice walk there.
It is pretty.
We also enjoyed time eating yummy food out at other places and at home. Mom and Dad got to go catch up with Dad's old college roommate too. We stayed busy and even overlapped our next company by 2 hours. Stay tuned ...


Sarah said...

WOW you have moved to a VERY beautiful place, I can understand why people want to come and visit!! I love the pictures of Claire and Jacob-I love seeing how they are growing up!! Happy to see you are loving where you live.