Thursday, June 10, 2010

The world from Jacob's perspective

No wonder Jacob was relying so much on his right eye!!! Jacob can at least see how many fingers we're holding up with his left eye while he's wearing his glasses.
Here, Jacob and Claire are having a conversation with each other. Oh, Amber is on the phone too. I'm not sure she really talked much. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors could hear the entire conversation!
Jacob: Claire, can you hear me?
Claire: Yeah, Jacob. We're talking on the phone. And I can hear you!!!
Jacob: We're talking to each other on the phone!!!

Here they are sitting on the counter, talking to each other. Nana got to listen in on this conversation with each other.


Holly said...

I love that Claire is wearing her sunglasses while Jacob wears his cool new glasses! Classic.

Mel said...

Love it!

sassparilla said...

oh, to picture what was going on while i was "overhearing" the conversation they were having on the phone even though it was ME they called!

and the greece flag shirts make a blog appearance :)