Friday, December 24, 2010

Ugly Sweaters!

The Third Annual Ugly Sweater party was a success. We enjoyed a night of clam chowder, sausage tortellini soup, cider, numerous appetizers, and lots of sweets. We enjoyed everyone's ugly Christmas Sweaters... they were great and there was so much creativity. This year we did Sweater cookie decorating, Bling My Stocking, and Christmas Bunko! We had a lot of fun... here is a small sampling of the pictures.

Ugly Sweater Couples winner went to the Smiths who spent the entire night in a snowman hug.
Host and hostess.
Josh was trying to make the same face as his cats.
The winner of the contest this year was Carson with his not very Christmasy, but oh so complete look... he was very sparkly and tight and the hair and mustache were special for the occasion.


Sarah said...

Who is that last guy?? Who ever he is....he is making me laugh!!!!!!!! Way to go on other great party!! If you still lived here...we would have been there!