Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010!

After a couple busy weeks, it's finally time to give a report of our Christmas. John and Vicki came and joined us, spending their first Christmas away from home with us. We were thrilled to have them!

Before Christmas, John, kiddos and I went to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. It's in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, there's pretty much nothing around it. But, the museum is awesome! It's the home of the Spruce Goose (seen behind Jacob). Kiddos and I went into a B-17 (Jacob is in the front gunner's area). It really was a cool place!

Claire and Jacob both got cameras from Santa. They were thrilled! I'm not sure how many great pictures we'll be getting from them - half of their pictures were of the floor, their forearms, the couch cushion, etc. Vicki got a kick of how excited Jacob and Claire were all day long.
Here's Grandpa John! He cooked us lots of yummy meals!
Claire got a doll from Nana. She was thrilled!
Jacob and Claire both got scooters. They've been riding them all around the front of the house. Claire was a little more timid at first, but has quickly caught on.
Claire also got princesses. She and Jacob have been playing 'shopping' many days of the week. We also often find them naked - that's because they're sleeping.
Here are the kids new Christmas pajamas!