Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretend King

You know those movie scenes depicting the king sitting on a big, comfortable chair, with servants fanning him and others bringing food to him? If I lived in the world of make-believe that my children were engrossed in this morning, that totally would've been me!

Claire was carrying that pitcher up and down the stairs bringing me candies. One of the great things about these candies - their wrappers were candy too, coated in sugar! She was sure to have one every time I had one... "I love candy!"

I was served my main course by Spiderman (who was Buzz Lightyear earlier). He brought me sandwiches, spaghetti, fruits, veggies ("Daddy, your carrot goes inside the hole in the celery, then you dip it in the Ranch"), and drinks, including a spicy pepper drink (?).

The whole meal began upstairs in the playroom on the rocker, and moved to the kitchen as I was preparing lunch. They probably did a dozen round trips up and down the stairs to keep me well fed! Everything was delicious!


Holly said...

I love those twinners!