Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy Land Birthday Party

I decided that since 5 is a big birthday I would have an actual birthday party for my kiddos. They wanted a candy land birthday. The invitation.
The Cake.
All the guests sitting on the 'game board' for present time.
Some of the decorations/party favors.
Behind Jacob was the table where they could make necklaces with licorice laces and fruit loops.
This is the table where they could decorate their Princess Frostine or King Candy crowns.
Here is the game board, we used it for a cake walk type game with the songs "I want Candy" and "The Candyman"; they got a prize if they landed on Candy Land Castle.

All the kiddos. Basically we just decorated the crowns, made the necklaces, did the cakewalk game, opened presents, had cake and ice cream, and then filled up everyone's party boxes with goodies and toothbrushes. It was a little chaotic but I think everyone had fun. I have to give a shout out to my dear sweet husband who manned most of the birthday party since I got hit with another inner ear infection right before the party and spent the 20 minutes before it started losing my lunch.


Anonymous said...

Kuddos to both of you! Dani for the cute preparations and Jared for the party management. Both are tough jobs. Dani, I must say that the Jensens are definitely rubbing off on you--really cute idea, decorations, cake and prizes!


Sarah said...

I think you did a good job. I think you always do a good job at this kind of stuff. Your kids are lucky to have you...and of course we can't forget Jared....he did an awesome job at doing the entertaining at the party. That is horrible that you were sick. Do you have a special couch that resides in the bathroom???