Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Epic Ski Trip!!!

For Christmas, Dani gave me an awesome present - a ski trip to Utah! I flew in Thursday, got to watch the BYU-Gonzaga game in the student section, and take part in this. The atmosphere was awesome, BYU won, and the game was great!!!

Thursday night, I stayed up 4 hours past when the college kids went to bed, until 4:30 am, to finish my work responsibilities (including payroll). We got up, and hit the slopes! T was able to find a little powder in a few places, so we went there a bunch of times. It had been a few years since I'd gone skiing, and I was playing catch up to T the majority of the time!
Friday night, we spent in Park City. Turns out, there was a World Cup Aerials event there. We went up there and stayed for the majority of it, before heading back to the hotel to get some hot tub time and a few ping pong games in.
We spent Saturday skiing until close, then we drove back to Provo, changed, and went to celebrate Grandpa Russ's 90th birthday (how nice of him to plan his 90th birthday for my trip). Russ looked great! He had a lot of family there, and it was great to see them
After the birthday party and some racquetball (T didn't stand a chance... even when I wasn't moving much!), we went to hang out with Hayley. Sunday, after attending fast and testimony meeting at T's single's ward (first time in a while!), we went over to Hayley's again and made sushi... Yum! It was awesome to spend a weekend with Taylor, to spend a little time back at BYU, and to get to know Hayley! It was EPIC!!!

Here are a few videos from the weekend... 360 T!


At least I survived my big air (maybe with a bit of a limp)... I may have been at least a little encouraged by those hanging around this jump.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to get back on skis--hey were you in the blue? Was that taylor in the green--impressive. So glad you had such an epic time!!!


Sarah said...

Yep, like I have said before, at least I think I have, Dani is one AWESOME WIFE. You married well when you married her!! Looks like you had a fun trip Jared!