Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby faces

These two babies are easy to get good pictures of.  They are almost always happy and are quick with a smile.  They don't always hold still, but we've had some pretty good success getting some good pictures of them, some of our favorites are in this post.

I love Liam's eyes in this picture.  This picture honestly made us a little nervous because it was taken soon after Jacob's eye surgery and looks a little like his eyes aren't aligned properly.  At Jacob's 1-month follow-up visit, Dani showed the picture to Jacob's doctor, and she said that because the reflection on his pupils lined up, he wasn't showing the same condition Jacob had (Phew!).  Sometimes, the skin around the bridge of the nose isn't quite symmetrical, so it gives the appearance that the eye isn't completely lined up.  Still, a very cute picture!

We had lots of opportunities for pictures at tball games.  Babies loved being outside at the games.

Liam quite often lays on his side.  We call this his "Supermodel pose."  The moms at tball got a kick out of it.

He can supermodel pose on both sides.

We call Liam's smile below his "Claymation smile," though this picture doesn't fully capture it.  He'll make that wide-mouthed, toothy grin and then can hold it!  It reminds me of Wallace and Gromit.

I love Kate's eyes in this picture.  She has very wide eyes, similar to Claire's.

Neither Liam nor Kate can pull themselves up in their crib yet.  It will be funny to hear their conversations once they do. 

 Preferred mode of transportation... army crawl.  We skyped with Amber at baby level - it was funny to get their perspective on the world.

Kate is a girl of many expressions.  We've had multiple people in our ward recently comment to us that Kate has a ton of personality.

Both Liam and Kate seem to be more interested in getting into things than I remember Jacob and Claire being at this stage... uh oh...

Gardener Kate.  She's just starting to pull herself up on things.  We had some extra buckets from our laundry detergent, so we planted some strawberries in 2 of them and a cucumber plant in the other.  So far, we've gotten 2 strawberries...

Liam, like Jacob, LOVES people, and he loves to be a part of what's going on in the family.


Anonymous said...

love these baby faces1 Such cuties with such pretty eyes and smiles.