Monday, June 18, 2012


We've had a lot of visitors over the past couple weeks!  This post will give a recap:

First, when Dani and I went to Hawaii, Nana came to visit!  Since I had left for Hawaii a day early, I didn't even see her, but word is, she had a great time with all the grandkids.  We'll get to see her in June, July, August, and September!

My brother Taylor and his fiancee Hayley came and watched the kids the last day of our Hawaii trip and hung out for a week after that.

They helped be minions for my birthday party.

And got to experience roller derby!

Taylor commented that Hayley usually doesn't cheer very loud at sports events, but that she was cheering very loudly at roller derby!

I think 4 kids may have been a bit overwhelming at times!  After a week of helping Dani keep up with 4 kids (including a couple tball games, my birthday, roller derby, basketball with the neighborhood kids, a trip to Portland's Saturday Market, and some late night fun times), I think we wore them out!

We were glad to have a week with Hayley and Taylor and are excited to have Hayley join the family this summer!

A week after Taylor and Hayley left, Vicki came and joined us for a week.  She spent a lot of time with the grandkids.  She read a lot to the older ones and laughed and enjoyed the big personalities of the babies.

Jacob and I had the fathers and sons campout the weekend she was here.  I love this picture of Liam with Vicki.  We'll get to see more of Vicki this summer!

Our college friend, Julie, came to visit with 2 of her kids.  Her son was kind of a blur, and blended in very well with Jacob, so we didn't see much of them, other than the remnants of the tornado their powers combined to create!

Their daughter was born about the same time as babies.  She's pretty much the same weight as Liam... but she's a bit more squishy!

All 3 babies got to share a tub.  It was funny watching the mothers keep all those little slippery bodies upright in the tub!  We took a bunch of pictures, and got a total of 1 with 6 eyes pointed at the camera.

Kate was looking at the camera almost the entire time.  She gives some seriously crazy faces sometimes!  It's hilarious!

A co-worker of mine and his wife were househunting over the Memorial Day weekend, so they stayed with us.  They loved being with the kids, and the kids loved having them in our house!  They were nice enough to watch the kids while Dani and I went out.  While we don't have any pictures of their visit, it was a lot of fun (and we spent lots of time trying to convince them to move here in our ward boundaries!).

Now, it's our turn to travel!!!  We're going on a number of trips this summer!  They'll be appearing on the blog (probably a few weeks late!)