Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last day of Soccer

It has been a fun soccer season for both the Ninja Doggies and the Blue Glittery Rock Stars.  We had our last games this last weekend.  For the first time all season, it was super rainy for a game.  Dani watched the game from the car, since she had Claire and the babies.

The Ninja Doggies had another fun game.  

They have been a very good team all year long.  There was really only 1 game that was very close all season.  Although this game started close, the Ninja Doggies pulled away in the 2nd half, finishing their season winning every game.

It was a really fun group of kids, and I loved coaching them with Coach Victor.

We held the team party at 5 Guys and gave the kids soccer bobble-head trophies.

Claire's game was a little later that day and was in a little lighter rain.  Here's Claire, in the middle of the field with her hood up.

Dani convinced Claire to take her hood off a little bit into the game.

Kate and Liam were good about watching their older siblings' soccer games (and practices) all season.  Maybe it will help them when they are older and playing soccer.

Claire's party was at one of her teammate's houses.  Claire really enjoyed the girls who were on her team.  The medals they were given had blue glitter on them.  How appropriate!