Thursday, October 04, 2012

Soccer Season

 We spend a lot of our weeks and weekends going to soccer games these days.  Between practiced Monday and Friday for Jacob and Tuesday/Thursday for Claire and games Saturday, we have almost daily soccer

 Claire's team is the Blue Glittery Rock Stars, which is about the most perfect name for a 6-year-old girls soccer team that I have ever heard!  Claire has grown in her soccer skills and her attentiveness, though she definitely has moments where she spends a few too many seconds looking at the sideline for a reaction.  Below is Claire walking back from one of her 3 goals that day (she's scored a couple more since).  

The kids play 8 games during the season.  The only week their games are in the same city was the week we were out of town, and Claire had skinned up her knee the night before, so she didn't play that week anyway.

One day, Claire came straight to Jacob's soccer practice after being at a princess party.  She kept herself busy playing soccer in her dance recital outfit. 

Jacob's team is the Ninja Doggies (the democratic process in which name was arrived at was quite the ordeal!).  I have been helping coach and have run the majority of practices this year since Coach Victor has been working in Washington and can't get back in time.

The Ninja Doggies have had quite the season.  There are a couple standout players, but the entire team is pretty good.  While we don't officially track wins and losses, the reality is that the kids sure do (and the parents do too), and there has really been only one team that has come close, and the doggies prevailed.  Jacob scored his first goal of the season (and almost had 3 more) last week in the first rainy-day game of the season.

Kate and Liam have been troopers, going to every game.  For Jacob's games (because I'm coaching), and if Claire and Jacob have games at the same time, they have to stay in the stroller because the second they are out, the run in opposite directions.

At Claire's games, they are often very popular with Claire's teammates.

They like to get soccer balls and walk around with them and kick them around the field.


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I especially like the princess soccer player picture.