Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harlem Globetrotters

We took the kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters, and it was such a fun experience!!!  Jared's friend, Nick, is the PA announcer for the Globetrotters.  He's not pictured below because he's behind the guy in red at center court, but we saw him after the show (more on that...)

The kids LOVED it!!!  We have since re-lived many of their favorite tricks.  Among the favorites:
  •  "Cheese" sitting on the hoop, kicking the opponent's shot away, being told by the ref to "get down," and subsequently dancing to Jungle Boogy (the "get down, get down" portion)
  • The Globetrotters replacing the game ball with a helium-filled ball for the opponent's free-throw shooter  
  • Chasing each other (and the ref) with glasses of water and buckets of water, and last, a bucket of confetti
  • Slow motion replay... first, they rewound everything (which was really funny), then they did it again in slow motion.

Claire was especially into the game - she was keeping close track of the score, giving frequent updates to anyone around her, and was bouncing on her seat as the Globetrotters pulled away.  I'm not sure she was nearly as impressed with the high-flying, acrobatic dunks as she was with the mere fact that they were winning.

What may have drawn the biggest laughs, aside from Cheese perched atop the basketball hoop, was "Super G," a bigger version of the Globetrotter's mascot.  Super G was HILARIOUS!  He danced around on 2 feet, 1 arm, and on his head.  And, hear the end, he started doing these high flying face-plants - the last one was to 'crack a pistachio,' (or crouton as Jacob kept calling them).

Kaci and Jared were little buddies during the game.

After the game, we were treated as VIP's (thanks to Nick) and got to go onto the center of the court and meet the players!  We got pictures with and signatures from the players, including Cheese and Titan (who is 7 feet tall!)

We also got a couple pictures with Globie (and Claire got a wristband from him!).

Jacob got to dribble his ball around a real NBA court - it was pretty cool to actually be on the court.

We made sure to get a picture with the World Champions trophy.  Claire was very happy that they won the "World Championship."  As we were leaving, she asked why they were leaving the court.  I told her so they could go get ready for their next game, to which she replied, "why do they need to play another game?  they just won the world championship!"

It was so much fun to watch the Globetrotters and to hear Nick's voice as the PA announcer and play by play announcer.

When we got home, Jacob and Claire were excited to show off what they had gotten at the Globetrotters game.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Your kids are so lucky to have such fun parents1