Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miscellaneous Baby Pictures

Kate is VERY into babies!  I think sometimes she is preparing to have twins herself because she is often carrying around or caring for multiple babies.  Perhaps she does this because it is the world she knows.

While Dani was out of town, I found some goggles I've worn for racquetball, and thought they'd look awesome on Liam.  They did (though he wouldn't leave them on long enough to get a good picture).

We're still waiting for Kate's hair to grow a little more... her pigtails are pretty short and stand straight up!

Kate and Liam were sent chocolate hearts - they used different eating techniques to finish them off.  I call Liam's the "two-handed cram."

Kate and Liam really like sitting on the kitchen chairs...

but that also means they can get up on top of the table!  We are not used to having climbers (Jacob and Claire were not)