Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Beds!!!

After weeks of Kate and Liam getting out of bed dozens of times per night (often for 2 hours or more after we have put them in bed), we were finally able to go look at beds.  We decided that the new beds would wind up being the girls beds, so we decided to look at white. Fortunately, most stores that sell kids furniture have entertainment.

The new beds arrived on Tuesday.  Jared lugged the boxes up the stairs with the help of our neighbor (there was a 100 lb box and a 200 lb box!!!).  Dani was at orchestra, so the kids all decided to help and "help."

Claire and Jacob helped read stories to get them in their beds.

The first night, after Liam exited his bed over and over (just as he had with his crib), he wound up sleeping in a pack and play we set up in the middle of his room.  He didn't get out of it once we put him in it.  Of the first 6 nights in his new bed, 4 required a parent to stay next to him, and the other 2 have had him sleeping either in a crib or pack and play.  Hopefully we start to see some improvement.

Claire and Jacob got to have the new mattresses we bought (we moved their mattresses to Kate and Liam's beds), so they took advantage and swapped bunk beds!


Jessica said...

Oh man sounds like a really rough week! Maybe you should have gone shopping for a crate at the pet store ;)