Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wisconsin trip

BYU played against Wisconsin this week, and I got to go with a few co-workers out to the game.  We visited NGL, who hosted us for the trip, on Friday, then experienced a University of Wisconsin gameday.  The night before, we went the the BYU fireside, where we enjoyed music by the offensive coordinator, Robert Anae, and running backs coach, Mark Atuaia, as well as messages by Bronson Kafusi and Bronco Mendenhall.  It was a great experience!

The next morning, I rented a bike to ride from to the capitol.  We stayed right outside of the stadium, right next to this bike rental station.  The bike rentals are cool - and free for the 30 minutes I rode!

I rode down to Lake Monona, past a bunch of people getting ready to tailgate for the next few hours before the game.

I met Matt Christensen and the group he came with at the capitol building and enjoyed some spicy cheese bread from the farmers market.

We made our way up State Street towards the Memorial Union on Wisconsin's campus.  It was a beautiful morning and lots of people were out and about.

I wound up back at the hotel with my co-workers and our hosts from NGL.  A bagpipe band, which we had seen an hour and a half earlier at State Street Brats, came in and played a few songs for their cause.

I saw Taylor and Hayley, and we enjoyed brats and cheese curds (again!).

Our seats were right on the 50 yard-line - awesome!  We were a tiny dot of blue in a sea of red.

Even though the game didn't quite end up like I would've liked, it was a great trip and a fantastic experience!


Jessica said...

Ryan was there too!