Friday, May 02, 2014

Blazers make the playoffs

We have become Blazers fans since moving to Portland 5 years ago, and we were excited when the Blazers made the playoffs, facing off in the first round against the Rockets.  After the Blazers won games one and two in Houston, Jared went to game three and experienced an exciting game and loud environment.  The Blazers couldn't quite pull it out that time.

For Jared's birthday, we went to Game 6 together.  The opening was cool again, and the crowd was very loud throughout the game.

  The game felt like a continual struggle for the Blazers to catch up, and they finally did at the end and took the lead.  

The game was tied with 28 seconds left until the Rockets made a put-back with 0.9 seconds left of a shot that seemed to be rebounded by the Blazers.  That set the stage for the most memorable sports play I have experienced live - a game and series winning 3-pointer by Damien Lillard.  The crowd was cheering wildly for long after the ball went in.  It was fun to watch everyone continue cheering in the concourse and outside of the stadium.

And best of all, we were there!!!