Friday, May 09, 2014

The nightly routine

It can be a very long process to get these people into their beds!  We love them very much, but by the end of the night, we would love nothing other than to find a way to cut down on the process - especially the last part!  Here's a typical night, after getting everyone washed and dressed for bed:
- Read scriptures
- read 2-4 books
- say family prayers
- hugs in every combination possible, typically ending with someone getting knocked over
- individual prayers with the 2-year-olds
- laying by the kids and talking about their days and other random questions
- getting drinks for the 2-year-olds
- potty
- putting the 2-year-olds back in their beds

and then repeating some combination of the last 3 steps at least 5-10 times.  At some point, one of the 2-year-olds will come out of their room to ask, "did you know I can stay in my bed?"  If we don't answer that we do know they can stay in their bed, there is often a big reaction, so we typically grit our teeth and say, "yes - get back in bed!"

We typically start bedtime before 7:30 and have people in their beds by 8:00.  On good days, it lasts until 9:00.  On bad days, it can last until 11!

We do know the older kids stay in their beds now, so there is hope!