Friday, July 04, 2014

4th of July

There were face painters and the kids all chose their own designs.  Whereas most people got flags, fireworks, or other 4th of July related face paintings, the kids all went outside of the standard and were thrilled with the result.  Claire got a dolphin; Kate became a kitty cat; Liam got a rocket ship; and Jacob got a pair of light sabers.

The snow cone machine was a pretty big hit.  Kate has a new habit of taking a few bites of her dessert and deciding she is done.  Liam and the other kids finished theirs!

Liam and Jacob were looking pretty fierce with their face paintings and snow-cone stained shirts!

After lunch, we spent some time in the bouncy houses and in the pool.  We didn't get many pictures, but it was especially nice to have a little kids pool that was shallow enough for Kate and Liam and all of the young children.  It was fun spending time with friends and their families.

That night, we decided we would try going to downtown Portland to see some fireworks.  The entire time, Claire was pretty nervous about the sound.  We ended up on the east side of the river, north of the fireworks.  We brought a blanket, glow sticks, and popcorn to eat while we waited for the fireworks to begin.

We had a great setup for the entire family.

The view of the city was spectacular.  One day, we decided it would be fun to have a boat on the river for the fireworks show.

In the end, the location we were at was less than optimal because there was a huge tree that obscured our view of about 1/2 of the fireworks, but we enjoyed it and will try again in the future!