Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The bedtime "norm"

Occasionally when we have a babysitter, Jacob decides he is really sad and misses mom and dad.  One time, when Ashlyn was babysitting, she came up with a solution, effectively putting a 'shrine' of Jacob's favorite things next to him.  Here's an example of one shrine we saw.

For a long time, Liam has had trouble staying in his bed to go to sleep at night.  Most nights, he falls asleep in the crib.  This solution will eventually not work since the crib is now Torin's (or will be once all the summer vacations are over!)  Finally, we threatened and had to follow through with taking away his bed.  He ended up sleeping on the floor.  It worked for a day or two.

Claire sleeps in odd postions.  She almost always has her head covered up and/or wrapped tightly in blankets.  Often, she is right against the edge of the bed.  One Sunday morning, I woke her up for church, and she had a great big line across her forehead where she'd had her head resting against the edge of the bunk bed's guardrail!  Who knows how she sleeps this way, but it is definitely how she's slept ever since she was small and would stuff herself face first into the corner bumpers of the crib!

Bedtime is still a challenge, especially with Kate and Liam, and has been for months.  We are hoping they'll grow out of it soon since our main form of 'punishment' (having to go to sleep in Torin's crib) will not be an option soon!