Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beacon Rock

We had a beautiful January weekend day, so we decided to take the kids and go for a hike.  Jared had recently hiked Beacon Rock, a large rock prominent on the Washington side of the Columbia River, and thought that the entire family could handle it, so we went for it!

Shortly after the trail starts, there is a long series of switchbacks scaling to the top of the rock.  The game with the 3-year-olds was to 'SWITCH' each turn-around so they were on the uphill side of the trail.

At every turnaround, there was a 'view' or a 'mountain.'  We took a lot of stops to admire the view


The views were, indeed, spectacular!

Torin loved hiking!  He took a short nap, but maily was content to look around and talk quietly.

The top of the rock soars over 850 feet above the Columbia River and gave great views up the gorge.  With the blue skies and warm weather, it was such a wonderful hike!