Friday, February 20, 2015

The latest tricks

Some of Torin's latest tricks are:
"So Big!"
"Give me five!" (which he always does!)
"Da da da da" (we think he's saying Daddy)

Torin loves to scoot meander around the house.  He doesn't move all that fast yet, but he stays low enough to the ground that he will often end up under the chairs in the living room, typically chasing down some toy that has made its way there.

Torin loves sitting with a pile of toys, and he'll often reach first for a book to eat.

Dani likes to take Torin for walks while Kate and Liam are at preschool.  Fortunately, there have been quite a few days that have been sunny enough to take a walk.  Torin likes walks, but I think Dani would love to take a little bit longer walks that Torin wants to take sometimes!

Some of our best pictures of Torin have come while either changing, dressing, or just hanging out with Torin on our bed.  He really has a sweet demeanor and loves to engage people.

Torin absolutely loves baths!!!  He would sit in a bath tub for hours if he could.  By mid-March, he started sharing his opinion (even if it was pretty brief) about not being pleased with getting out of the tub!  Dani likes to set Torin up with toys and a blanket in the bathroom so she can keep an eye on him while she showers.  Torin seems to like the setup!