Monday, September 21, 2015

Sales Meeting Camping

The Fall 2015 sales meeting was held at Camp Merriwether. The week before, we did a test run and had some training on Leadership and Self Deception. It was an incredible spot to hold a sales meeting.

We even had everyone in tents!

The games of the meeting were Can Jam and Spike Ball, and there were tournaments multiple times.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the various places we were able to do our trainings and 1 on 1 visits. We were able to meet in amphitheaters, around camp fires, on canoes with floating candles on the lake, and on the beachfront.

There was only 1 spot in all of camp to get cell phone reception, so Dani and I would talk most nights from that one spot. It overlooked the ocean, so it wasn't a bad place to talk!

I appreciate the creativity and vision of those who put on the sales meetings and leadership retreats to make them memorable!!!