Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Tiny Torin at 15 months

Torin still loves to wave.  When he's outside, he likes to wave to people walking by or cars driving by. The wave also still is used to say Hi, Bye, Good Night, I want That, Thank You, etc.

Every once in a while, Torin will get into a kissy mood.  Sometimes, he gives a warning by making kissing noises.  Other times, he just starts planting them on you!

Torin has an opinion and he isn't afraid of letting you know it. Sometimes, he will see mom or dad, then start running to the front or back door, then start hitting it, fully expecting to go outside.

Favorite things to do:
- Walk/Run - anywhere!
- Climb on things - he loves to sit in the arm chairs and on the couch (he can't climb up there yet). He loves to climb up to the bed and run around
- Be outside!
- Snuggle with his hippo in bed

- Goofus
- Tora-Torin or Baby (Dani calls him this)

Favorite Foods:
- Goldfish
- Fish Sticks
- Cheese
- Beans!

- Mama
- Daddy
- Hippo (puh-poh)
- No-No/Night-Night
- Ball
- Cheese/Shoes (ssshsheeehsss)
- Bath

Torin does love to sing.  Often, when we are in sacrament meeting (and on the rare occasion that we are in the chapel), we will start singing, and Torin will join in.  In the car, especially, he loves to sing.