Thursday, November 26, 2015

John and Vicki come for Thanksgiving

John and Vicki came to spend Thanksgiving with us. For whatever reason, we didn't end up with any pictures of the actual Thanksgiving dinner, but it was delicious! So, here's another picture of us with good food - we took them out to Carte Blanche - which was apparently our last visit!

Another highlight of their stay was going with the kids to a Blazers game. 

At halftime, we took a walk around the concourse and stopped and played pop-a-shot.

In the last quarter, Liam started chanting, super loudly, "DE-FENSE!!!" His voice was super loud and high.

After Thanksgiving, Vicki and Dani spent the overnight hours braving the crowds scouring the outlet malls for deals.

John and the kids (except Torin) spent the day after Thanksgiving visiting the new World of Speed car museum. John probably could have spent all day looking at the hot rods and antique cars. The kids trying out the drag race light tree simulator. Jacob was proud to get the lowest time of anyone!

I think the kids wore out their grandparents! John claimed the chair closest to the fireplace for the whole trip!

Vicki came with Legos, so she and the kids spent Sunday afternoon putting them together. It is especially fun to watch Liam go through the instructions one by one and assemble his creation. Kate is not as patient and always has someone else help her out. 

We always love having John and Vicki come visit!