Sunday, March 27, 2016

Celebrating Easter

Our dentist, Travis and Rick Evans, hosted their patients and families for a huge Easter egg hunt by their office, around the lake at Tualatin Commons. We thought it was great that the dentist office was giving lots of candy - seemed like a good strategy to drum up new business!

The kids had a fun time looking for eggs in the back yard. they emptied them out to see what candies they had and immediately started trading.

Torin was definitely not left out of finding eggs!

Kate decided it would be faster if she just stuck her head straight through the handle of her Easter basket as she ran around looking for eggs. While it may not have been a lot more effective, it was pretty humorous!

Dani got a picture of our cute kids after church. We love these bright smiles in these bright outfits!

We also got some cute individual pictures. Everyone wanted an individual picture (except Torin, of course), and we got some good pictures of their different personalities!


Unknown said...

So glad for all your posts so we can feel like we don't miss so much.