Friday, March 18, 2016

Skiing with the kids

While the kids were out for pre-Spring Break (they get out early the Wednesday before the week of Spring Break and then have Thursday and Friday off!), we decided we should take the oldest 4 skiing. We decided to go to Summit Ski Area, a tiny, 1-lift ski area in Government Camp. It was the first time on skis for Kate and Liam, and they were pretty excited!

They started with a 1-hour lesson, getting them upright on the skis and comfortable while Dani and Jared skiied with Jacob and Claire. It was funny to arrive down at the lift and watch Kate and Liam skiing and talking with the ski instructor. They had lots to say, for sure!

Jacob and Claire then got a lesson after a couple runs with the parents. They had a good experience in their lesson and came out full of confidence. Their ski instructor basically told them that if they would look out for one another (and if it was okay with mom and dad), they were certainly capable! As a result, they skiied whereever they wanted the rest of the day. Sad to say, but we don't even have a picture of Jacob and Claire skiing!

During Jacob and Claire's lesson, Dani and I were with Kate and Liam. They had somewhat decided they were done (Kate especially, who was in dire need of a snack). We convinced them to ski downhill a few hundred feet as we walked/jogged down with them, then we put them on our backs and hauled them back up. It was probably a few hundred feet... but it felt like a few hundred yards! They started getting more and more confident, and by lunchtime, they were ready for the ski lifts!

For some of the trail, they rode between our legs. At certain spots, we would let them go and let them cruise a little ways. It was a lot of work for the parents, but we all had a lot of fun!

Earlier in the day, on Claire's first run, on some pretty crusty snow, she was a little overwhelmed and didn't think she would be able to do it. Jared coaxed her across the hill, then into another turn and an across-the-hill slowdown again to the bottom of the slope. Claire realized a little life lesson, and shared with Jared on the way up the ski lift for her next run - that if looking all the way to the bottom is intimidating and scary, focus just a little in front where she knew she could do it. It was a sweet pearl of wisdom.