Saturday, December 31, 2016



"You're funny. You're not hilarious. Hilarious is an overstatement."
- Claire's response to Jared's proclamation that Claire thinks he's hilarious. Thanks Claire

"Could we go to the Korean War Memorial Park? Or is that offensive to you?"
- Jacob to Kaci when she was staying with the kids while Jared and Dani were in Cancun

"Maybe you should try parking in 2 spots ... just in case."
- Jacob to Kaci as she was parking the Yukon at the Korean War Memorial Park. She parked in 1, which Jacob expressed that he was impressed!

"you mean, vacay?"
- Jared was talking about the upcoming vacation to Costa Rica - fortunately, Kate was around to keep him up to date on the current lingo

"Fingernail polish!!!"
- Kate was so excited about Amber's gorgeous nails that she missed the glittering rock on her finger!

"Torpedo chips"
- 3/6 - Pita Chips

"This is CWAZY!!!"
- 3/28 - Dani hears this, and then walks in the bathroom to see Kate sitting the other direction on the toilet!

"Rollercoasters, lollipops, and candy"
- 10/9 - Kate's vision of paradise

"I am grateful for Nana because the food she makes tastes so good. And ... this one is funny ... because she farts a lot"
- 10/9 - Kate's describing what she's thankful for Nana for.

"Maybe? ... but maybe not?"
- Liam's response, 1 finger raised, as Jared and Dani were heading out the door to Costa Rica, to the question, "Liam, are you going to throw a fit when the Wii gets turned off?

"How do armpits get stinky?
- the questions you ask your aunt Kaci!!!

"We'll see..."
- Liam's response to Kaci when she asked him if he would listen next time (so he didn't lose another treat). He tells the truth at least!!!

"Daddy... I can't find my undies!!!"
- 5/1, in the bathroom in the church! Fortunately, Dani was prepared to help little commando Liam!

"De [buckle] [tie] [lock]" - as in, "Daddy, I de-locked the door for you!"
- June - Liam's variations of words instead of "un"

"I love you mamma"
- summer and beyond. Liam says it all the time, sometimes when he's just sitting next to her at dinner, sometimes when he's in trouble, sometimes in the middle of a conversation, sometimes from across the house. We LOVE it!

"I brushed my teeth twice. It can last me 2 days!"
- 12/22

- Torin wants all the lights on in the entire house - including the one in the oven, under the microwave, and the plug-in candle.

"Taco Bell!  Taco Bell!"
- May/June - When Torin hears we are going to get dinner (whether on bike or in the car), he starts a chant for what he wants.

"No Mom, Daddy do it!"
- All.Year.Long

"Sonk" "Sink" "FinG"
- Torin's "ing" and "ong" end in hard consonants - like the words, Song, Sing, and Find.

"It's for my birfday" and "It's for my Christmas"
- End of the year - Torin is claiming that everything is his. He's now come up with an excuse

"I LOVE these Mother's Day coupons - and so far, they're reusable!"
- 2 days of coupon use, 2 days of NO KIDS out after bedtime!!!

too many to list because he's hilarious!