Tuesday, August 08, 2006

1st time swimming

In Jackson, we decided we wanted to go for a swim and we wanted Claire and Jacob to join us. Jacob was the first in the pool... and quickly was the first out of the pool too. He preferred dry ground!Claire, on the other hand, loved the pool! Don't be fooled by her eyes being shut, she had a great time!
Jacob's strategy for not going back into the cold pool was to fall asleep as soon as he got dry. This is the little party animal not long after getting out.
We went swimming with Ashley (one of Dani's best friends), James (her husband), and their baby Daviny. Daviny had a great time in the pool, splashing and making happy baby sounds - so did James!
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cmil said...

Love the picture of Jared and Claire in the pool.

Don't you wish you could fall asleep anywhere like Jacob?