Thursday, August 24, 2006

Picture time with the Streeters

What does 1 family + 4 newborns+ 4 grandmas + 6 cameras equal? Take a look at the pictures, and you'll see!

We took pictures at John and Vicki's neighbors' home. We had a little bit of everything, crying babies, camera malfunctions. We were lucky to get at least 1 shot that looks okay!
And we got a few that didn't! This one is a 5-generation picture, with Geneva Caldwell (97) down to Toby Edwin (2 months).

The babies were matching and in good moods...

for some of the time! We even got to see that Breckin, just like his dad, is a sympathy crier! Here, Breckin is showing off the trick of the week, sucking his toes!
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amber nicole said...

those are some pretty crazy outfits!

cmil said...

She's right about the outfits! But they match!?@#

Wow, is Claire's hair looking red in the picture of the four babies. The top picture may be the best we have of the family. We do have a few better ones of the entire family including Hope, but many like the 5 generation shot! We'll have to see how the film turns out on John's camera.