Thursday, August 24, 2006

A week in Cody

Lots of pictures to show! Make sure to scroll down a ways, especially if you haven't been on for a few days.

This is Hart Mountain from John and Vicki's back deck. We had beautiful sunsets every night! It's a fitting way to start the Cody vacation pictures!

Claire and Jared taking a few minutes to enjoy the sunset. This is one of Dani's favorites.

Jensen Family Photo Op
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Anonymous said...

Hello Dani. I have been enjoying all of the pictures. I have a question though. Did your sister also have twins or do some of those children belong to Heath? Also, I thought I would tell you that while you and Jared were in Teton, Nolan, my family, and I were only about 25 miles away from you. We hiked into the Thuroufare wilderness via Yellowstone. Kind of a cool coincidence. Let me know what you are up to (besides baby care of course :)

ANJ said...

thanks for an update! those babies are SO BIG, i can´t get over it! and dani, it´s no fair how skinny you are already :)

Anonymous said...

All these pictures are great! Love the Hart or Heart Mountain (spelled both ways)picture and the one of Jared and Claire on the deck. I think the family picture is especially good.

Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have seen Laura. I rode a horse into the thoroughfare and it is quite the jaunt.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Jared and Claire would be fabulous if you could crop out the old wood haulin truck and beat up camping trailer!

This is the same trailer that at the age of about 3, Dani had one of her famous photo ops at a lake in Montana with a premium view of her belly. It looked much then like it did when she was pregnant.