Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Day my Daddy Dressed Me!

Ok, so one lovely weekend day, helpful daddy dressed both babies in outfits of his choice while mommy was getting ready. Poor Claire turned into a baseball player (the reason there is only one picture of her is because I changed her directly after the pictures were taken). We want to be sure she looks like a girl.
This was Jacob's ensemble.... (he sure looks happy with it)

To translate the shirt (which I haven't decided the original color grey? white?), it says "My GOAL is to be as COOL as my Dad" and yes, the O's on cool are sunglass lenses. This lovely shirt mysteriously ended up in the pile of clothes purchased at the last mother of twins sale. And the shorts...yes, they are shorts look more like longs. Look at those cheeks. (Kaci you aren't the only one with a gangster baby).

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amber nicole said...

today in my english class, we read about the biggest family in the world (53 kids! one mom!) the family lives in chile, believe it or not. ALL of the pregnancies were MULTIPLES (unreal, huh?) they had so many kids that they had to start reusing names! (obviously they didn't consult dr. baby names addict = me).

but the moral of the story is, i projected a picture of claire and jacob for the whole class to see. a resounding, awwwwwwwwwwww...

CMIL said...

Great pics! I laughed and laughed at the gangster one of Jacob. I enjoy your commentary also.