Friday, September 01, 2006

Memories of sharing a bed

Claire and Jacob are getting more and more active and are starting to be able to move themselves. One morning this week, Dani went in to check on the babies and found Claire with her head at the opposite side of the crib to where Dani had put her to bed. So, we decided it was finally time for the twins to sleep in separate cribs. It was actually pretty sad for Dani and I to put them into their own beds, they look so little and lonely! But, it means Claire finally gets to sleep in a pink crib!

With that in mind, we will re-visit some of the pictures we have of them sharing a crib!

In the hospital, they not only shared a crib, they were bundled together. We found it funny that, no matter how they were bundled, they always ended up looking right at one another.

This is the crib they came home to on April 24, when they were 6 days old. They look so tiny!

The first signs that they were moving around! They almost always woke up with their heads close to each other. Jacob looks like he's offering a thumb for Claire to suck on in this picture.

Claire is the "Andrew-like" sleeper, she's all over the crib! Then, if she woke up mad, she would start to kick her legs and get her brother revved up. We always liked seeing where Claire was when we woke up!

By the way, our babies were in bed at 9:30 tonight (and back up again at 12:30 for a midnight snack, which is when I'm typing this). We felt very proud of ourselves. Now if only we could get ourselves to bed at a decent hour... Posted by Picasa


cmil said...

Bravo, for the bedtime! Awwww, it must be sad, but a new milestone to have seperate beds. I'll bet Jacob appreciates it!